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Sunday Funday - 03.14.2021

This week's Sunday Funday takes the Barnard Squad to multiple places - dinosaur bones, blue skies, and nature walks. A fantastic way to start Spring! Plus, a 'Don't Wake Granny" with the role of Granny played by Dad.


Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History

West End Overlook

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Music by Enrichment - Twitter/Instagram: @enrichmentnj


Sunday Funday - 03.07.2021

This week's Sunday Funday is a trip to McConnell's Mill State Park in Portersville, PA.

Music by J57. Instagram: @j57music


Sunday Funday - 02.28.2021

Our new family series kicks off with some fun inside games planned by Courtney on a rainy Sunday, plus a trip to NatuRoll Creamery in Pittsburgh, PA.

Check out NatuRoll Creamery on their Instagram: @naturollcreamery Music by Joe Swisher.


Shaving Cream Bathtub

What happens when we have $15 to spend, an empty bathtub, and three bored kids on a rainy Saturday in Pittsburgh during a pandemic? Shaving cream bathtub! Music by Ratza