Vlog Announcement

Hi friends. I hope you're enjoying the warmer weather. We certainly are, I swear it's been snowing every day since we moved here.

I don't know why I never played with the video option on my Nikon, but I decided I was going to try it after we impulsively bought eight cans of shaving cream for the kids to make a shaving cream bathtub. We recorded the whole thing and it really turned out incredible.

Honestly, it was pretty ridiculous and really messy, but it was a blast. We're fresh out of ideas to keep us moving here during year two of this pandemic. Courtney's been incredible at being the entertainment director around these parts, and she's doing what she can to keep herself sane. She's been painting up a storm, and you should absolutely check out her artwork and her social stuff here.

Since we haven't really had a ton of time to do much around the 'Burgh, on top of the fact that we feel super disconnected from each other these days, we decided that we're going to dedicate Sundays to be "Sunday Funday". We mapped out some things for the next few weeks, starting with a visit to NatuRoll Creamery. We've heard a ton of great things about this place and, with a rainy Sunday on hand after some fun ridiculous games, we went for a drive.

Doing these videos has opened up a brand new creative route for us, and this vlog is now going to be a thing going forward. We won't be sugar coating life, though. It'll be everything - the good, bad, and ugly. We're hopeful to have something new every weekend for you, to release like this on Monday with a new blog post.

Do you have any suggestions of places you'd like us to visit and share our adventures? Philly, Pitt, everywhere in between - let us know in the comments here, and we'll make it happen.

Don't forget to throw me a follow on Twitter and on Instagram. Lots more amazing stuff coming soon - can't wait to share it with you!

Until next time, friends ... peace.


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