I started doing Foundation Radio in a non-serious way in 2005. It was the infancy of iPods, podcasts weren't even really a thing yet. Streaming wasn't even a thing yet. I had no idea what I was doing, and I stopped pretty quick. It's sort of strange when I think back about doing those initial episodes. I had no idea what podcasting would become, and if I'd have known, perhaps I would've been more serious about it. Definitely wish I had started back then and taken myself a little more serious.

I didn't pick up the mic again until 2009, when Greg Mead told me he was on 91.7 WCUR FM in West Chester. Having a channel like WCUR to do these ridiculous Thursday night mania shows was a great way to stay busy in college, but it also allowed me the creative outlet I really needed during that time. Sam Krepps and Joe Keane joined us on air, and for every amazing interview we did or musical guest we had on, we were usually always tiptoeing the line of acceptable content, and a step away from being booted off forever. We ended up being pretty popular through the greater West Chester area, and had a somewhat solid following in the local bar scene. Like all things though, our time on the air came to an end when I graduated, and after a failed podcast reboot attempt in 2014, I thought the idea of it was over.

In 2019, we rebooted successfully for the second time as a podcast. We had a better formula this time around, and were able to center more on what we wanted rather than what we thought we were. We did shows in person pre-COVID, but we've had to adapt to the new world and have gone virtual. Someday we'll get back together again and do some in person shows, but for now, we're 230 miles apart via Zoom or Discord. My favorite pieces are the interviews - it allows my natural curiosity to come out in full force while making a really fascinating program. I really love the specialty shows, too - between The Beer Summit and our Dungeons and Dragons quests, we've made some super compelling listening.

Foundation Radio is hosted by me. The guest hosts are Greg Mead, Sam Krepps, Joe Keane, Geoff Quinn, and Dr. Ruth Army. I edit, record, and executive produce the show, and Sam Krepps is also a producer. Dumb Ugly produced our intro and outro music.

Foundation Radio is available anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts. You can stream the newest episode above, or you can go here and subscribe wherever you listen.


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